LEPA Centre Director
Full professor of administrative law.

Enrico Carloni (1971), director of the LEPA, is full professor of administrative law. He is coordinator of the degree course and master’s degree in Political Sciences and Administration Sciences. Lawyer. PhD in public law (Bologna). He’s currently PI in the framework of a European project (“Apta-Mod”) on the definition of models of administrative prevention of corruption (Hercules III Program, 2020-2022); he was Project leader in a European project for training and research (Hercules III program, 2016-2018, “Fighting corruption through administrative measures”). Since 2017 to 2020 he was “Expert of the Council” of the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority.
His main fields of research are: administrative transparency, integrity of public officials, anti-corruption, administrative decentralization, digital administration. Read more

LEPA Centre Deputy Director
Associate Professor, Social Psychology.

Vice-director of the LEPA. She coordinated several research programs as HU in the field of morality. She authored more than 50 scientific papers and books. She is a member of the editorial board of national and international journals and the editor-in-chief of the Italian version of the international journal In-Mind. Her main research interests pertain psychosocial predictors of ethical behavior in the online and offline environment as well as discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Read more

Scientific Communication Coordinator
Associate Professor, Sociology of communication.

Coordinator of the degree programs in Communication Sciences.

Vice-president of the Italian Association of Political Communication.

He has been member of several national and international research programs and his work has been published in: International Journal of Press/Politics, European Journal of Communication, Journalism, Journalism Studies, Celebrity Studies, International Journal of Cultural Studies, European Journal of Cultural Studies, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, il Mulino, Comunicazione Politica and Cuadernos de Informacion. He is member of Scientific Committees of Problemi dell’informazione and Comunicazione politica. His main fields of research are: Political communication, Mass media, Journalism, Public Relations and Lobbying.Read more

European Planning Coordinator
Associate professor – incoming full professor in International Law and European Law.

Jean Monnet Chair holder (European Commission 2017-2020), with the project “The Implementation of EU Policies by Regional and Local Authorities – EUREL”. Scientific Responsible of the European Documentation Center of the University of Perugia and director of the university Master of I level in Planning and access to the European funds for culture, creativity and multimedia. Responsible of the working-group LEPA for supporting European research projects. Since years he studies and publishes volumes and articles on different juridical topics on the international community and the European integration process, such as: international human rights, international organization, regional and local authoritiesy within the European integration process, European communication policy, European regulation of the biotechnologies, European governance and the democratic deficit. Read more

Research Area Coordinator: “Quality of institutions, public ethics, policies against corruption”
Associate Professor of Applied Statistics.

Prof. Michela Gnaldi teaches Data science for the quality of institutions and Quantitative methods for social research. She is consultant of the Council of the Italian National Anti-Corruption Authority, as a senior statistician expert, and of other national and international agencies (i.e., UNHCR, United Nations High Commission for Refugees). She has been leading (with Prof. Ponti) the Italian project “Measuring and contrasting corruption. Direct and indirect methods to quantify corruption”. Since 2016 she leads a thematic area within the Italian Association for Quality of Life (AIQUAV) on “Contrast to corruption, social integrity and quality of life”, with the aim of promoting the study of corruption in the statistics community and stimulating a debate around indicators of contrast to corruption as a precondition for community quality of life. She is the Official Representative of the University of Perugia within the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research) and its standing group “(Anti-)Corruption and Integrity”. She is co-editor, author and co-author of books and scientific articles on methodological issues in composite indicators construction, corruption measurement and indicators, and evaluation of the impact of public policies. Leggi di più

Research Area Coordinator “Participatory and deliberative democracy”
Assistant Professor in Sociology of territory and environment.

Paola de Salvo is an Assistant Professor in Sociology of the Environment and Territory at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia, where she teaches Sociology and Promotion of the Territory and Urban and Rural Sociology. Her research activity concerns the issues of territorial development and in particular the study of the enhancement of the territory understood both as a physical and social space, making evident the relationships between the community and the surrounding environment. The main research topics concern the characteristics of social practices in reference to the relationships that are established between the different expressions of the territory and their interpretations in terms of conservation, innovation and development. Among her recent publications Which model of landscape realunch? The Umbrian case of Postignano (2020), Cultura e partecipazione (2020), Il borgo: eredità e rigenerazione (2020). Read more

Research Area Coordinator “Legality and participatory integration between cultures”
Full Professor in Socio-cultural Anthropology.

She has coordinated several researches at national level and participated in international projects. She has directed an International Framework-Cooperation Agreement between the Department and the Faculty Semlalia in Marrakech, Morocco, she has taught in international Masters and in foreign Universities. She is member of international associations: EASA (European Association of Social Anthropologist), Fer Eurethno, SIEF (International Society for Ethnology and Folklore). She is in editorial staff of scientific journals. She has written several monographs and a hundred essays. Her main fields of research are: immigrant families, second generations, Islamic communities, institutional racism, gender and religions, social services and health. Read more

Research Area Coordinator “Legality, social rights and welfare policies in a European context”
Associate Professor, Political Economy.

Leggi di più

Research Area Coordinator “Political cultures and participation in democratization processes (sec. XIX-XXI)”
Researcher in Contemporary history.

Senior researcher at the Department of Political Sciences at the University of Perugia, he teaches “State building and Democratization” and “Politics of Migration in the contemporary world” for the Master’s degree course “International Relations” and “Contemporary history II” for the Master’s degree course “Philosophy and Ethics of Relations”. In 2005, he gained his doctorate of research degree in “Contemporary political history in the 19th and 20th centuries” from the University of Bologna. His studies focus, principally, on the history of contemporary Italy, with an emphasis on the Italian unification period, the Great War, the Republican political system and foreign immigration. His publications include the monographs “The weight of history”, il Mulino 2007 and “Garibaldi”, il Mulino, 2010. He is currently carrying out research into Vietnamese refugees who arrived in Italy between 1978 and 1979. Read more

High-profile European Projects Coordinators
Assistant Professor of Economics.

She is also a Research Fellow at the Institute of Labor Economics (IZA) and Associate Member of the Economics of Poverty and Inequality (EQUALITAS) group. She is member of the program committee for the the PhD in Development Economics and Local Systems of the University of Trento and University of Florence. Before joining the University of Perugia, she was Post-Doc Researcher at the Paris School of Economics and Associate Professor (currently on leave) at the Department of Economics at the University of The Balearic Islands. She has also held visiting positions at Economix at Nanterre University and European University Institute. She earned a Laurea in International Relations at the University of Bologna (2004) and a Ph.D. (2010) in Economics at the University of Florence. Her research has an empirical focus and contributes mainly to the fields of household economics and labour economics. Her current topics of research are (i) the study of the impact of parental behaviors on children’s outcomes and (ii) the estimation of intra-household allocation of resources and intrahousehold decisions on labour supply and housework. Read more

Assistant Professor, Sociology of cultural and communicative processes.

Giuseppina Bonerba has a Ph.D. in Semiotics from the University of Bologna, supervised by Prof. Umberto Eco, then she studied at the “École des hautes études en sciences sociales” in Paris and taught Langue et Civilisation italienne at the University of Tours (France). She is currently Assistant Professor of Sociology in the field of cultural and communicative processes at the Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia where she teaches Advertising in the master programme. Areas of research/interest: media studies; media and politics; gender studies and migration Read more

Third Mission Activities Coordinators
Researcher in Sociology of Communication Processes.

Prof. Rita Marchetti teaches courses in Sociology of Digital Media and Political System and Communication Techniques. Her main research interests are digital media, political communication, digital religion and corruption. She is associated investigator in the project PRIN2017 “The Politicisation of Corruption and Anticorruption Strategies in Italy” (Acronym: PolitiCAnti). Her work has appeared in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including The International Journal of Press Politics, European Journal of Communication, Journalism, Journalism Practice, Journalism Studies, The Communication Review, Journal of Religion in Europe, Comunicazione Politica, Polis and Problemi dell’Informazione. She is member of Associate Editor of Comunicazione Politica. Read more

Researcher, International Law.

Researcher and Lecturer in International Law, in possession of the national scientific qualification as Associate Professor. She is the author of several international law articles and of a book on the jurisdiction in maritime spaces beyond territorial sovereignty (Wolters Kluwer/CEDAM, 2018). She is a member of the editorial committees of the Reviews ‘Diritti umani e diritto internazionale’ and ‘Diritto di Internet’, of the ‘Trattato di Diritto internazionale’ (UTET Giuridica, 2015) and of Focarelli’s International Law – II. Practice (2012-2019), Wolters Kluwer/CEDAM, 2019. She’s Member of the Italian Society of International Law (ISIL). Her main fields of research are International Human Rights Law, International Law of the Sea, International and European Migration Law. Read more

LEPA Facilities Officer
Researcher, Technical and urban planning.

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