Research Areas

LEPA develops its activities within five areas of research:

Quality of institutions, public ethics, policies against corruption
Full professor of administrative law.

Coordinator of the LEPA research area on Institution Quality, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Rector delegate for the promotion of transparency and legality. Expert of the Council of the National Anti-Corruption Authority. Senior expert in various international cooperation projects on anti-corruption and administrative modernization issues. Coordinator of a European project (Hercules III) for study and training on administrative corruption prevention and director of the Anticorruption Winter School foreseen within the project (2016-2108).
His main fields of research are: administrative transparency, integrity of public officials, anti-corruption, administrative decentralization, digital administration. Read more

Participatory and deliberative democracy
Associate Professor, Public Law.

Coordinator of the LEPA research group on “Participatory and deliberative democracy”. Read more

Legality and participatory integration between culture
Lecturer in cultural anthropology.

He is coordinator of the scientific area of the LEPA: legality and participatory integration between cultures.
He took part in several European research projects and collaborated with social cooperatives, research institutions and non-profit organizations. He is the author of over 40 scientific contributions. He has studied migratory processes, popular devotion, racism and social work. He currently teaches political and economic anthropology. Read more

Legality, social rights and welfare policies in a European context
Full Professor, Labour Law.

Coordinator of the LEPA research group on welfare and social rights, he is involved in many European research networks on labour law and has been research fellow and visiting professor in many universities and prestigious academic institutions (Columbia Law School, Durham University, University of Antwerp, Fordham Law School, European University Institute).
He has written extensively in the area of labour law and social security law, with special interest for the European and comparative dimensions. His main publications include Social Rights and Market freedom in the European Constitution (Cambridge, 2006) and Diritto del lavoro europeo (Padua, 2017).
He is a member of the editorial or advisory boards of several law journals (among which Giornale di diritto del lavoro e di relazioni industriali and Rivista critica del diritto privato) and of a book series in labour law. Read more

Legality and participation in the democratization process
Full professor, History and institutions of Africa.

Geographical research area: North Africa. Main research interests: cultural pluralism and modernity, Italian colonialism and its legacy, Italian communities, Nationalism and National identity, the role of civil society in democratization processes.
I have conducted extensive studies and research in many European countries as well as Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Morocco, collaborating with foreign and local institutions and participating in many long-term international research programs. Read more