Rome, 7th October 2019
Our MSc students of the course Anticorruption and Transparency Policies, guests of the ANAC, the Italian Anticorruption Agency, carried by Professor Enrico Carloni, in the presence of the ANAC president, Raffaele Cantone.

August 2019
The Department of Political Sciences of the University of Perugia is proud to announce the establishment of a new standing group on “(Anti-)Corruption and Integrity” within the ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research), and its active membership to the group.
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Perugia, 24th e 25th June 2019
Our guest, Ina Kubbe of the Tel Aviv University (Israel), representative of the Interdisciplinary Corruption Research ICR-network, together with colleagues and students of the Department of Political Sciences and LePa – Legality and Participation

Established 2019
Standing Group: (Anti-)Corruption and Integrity inside of ECPR (European Consortium for Political Research).
The ECPR Standing Group on (Anti-)corruption and Integrity brings together scholars from different disciplinary, national and cultural backgrounds to further promote and deepen academic knowledge on corruption, an issue of increasingly significant public and political concern across the globe; (ii) on the strategies and policy solutions that seek to address the problem; as well as (iii) on the evolving concept of public integrity, both as an end in itself and as a corrective to the dominant anti-corruption approaches of the last quarter century that have delivered disappointing results. The perceived stagnation of existing work and approaches, coupled with the ever-increasing recognition that corruption poses a threat to political trust and stability and underlines a growing need to move (anti-)corruption studies in a new direction. There has been a growing number of new developments in this regard, both in policy and research, thereby making the foundation of this group very timely, but there remain core questions that need to be addressed.
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